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New Patient Centre

Menai chiropractor Dr Aurelie Gauthier warmly welcomes you to Metro Chiropractic Clinic.


Your First Visit

banner-chiropractic-careDuring your first visit to our practice, we’ll take some time to get to know one another. You’ll complete your new patient paperwork, which will give Dr Gauthier an in-depth history. She’ll take the time to review your form with you and may ask you to elaborate on any areas she feels are important to your ongoing care.

Once she has a good understanding of the reason for your visit and your prior health, Dr Gauthier will perform a thorough medical/chiropractic examination. If necessary, you’ll be referred for x-rays or other imaging.

Then, you’ll receive treatment, including therapeutic massage, adjustments and rehabilitation to strengthen your problematic areas. You’ll also be given educational information and some homework to help incorporate healing into your day-to-day life. Dr Gauthier will provide you with an informative booklet for you to read through and ask any questions you might have.

You should allow approximately one hour for this visit.

Schedule an Appointment

Regular Visits

During your subsequent visits, Dr Gauthier will confirm her findings, assess your progress since your first visit and help you schedule the visits for your entire course of treatment.

Your typical visit will consist of massage, adjustments, stretching and sharing of educational material. Dr Gauthier will always explain the information she shares with you, ensuring that you understand the process.

Discover how great you can feel with natural chiropractic care. Schedule an appointment today!

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