Your guide to chiropractic care

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic care is a regulated manual allied health profession with university qualified practitioners who treat musculoskeletal and neurological complaints which may be causing you a variety of unwelcome symptoms.

What does a chiropractor do?

There are variations in how different chiropractors treat the body. At Metro Chiropractic Clinic we initially assess affected and related areas of the body for quality and quantity of movement as well as any other symptoms such as pain, nerve compression or tension.

Our treatments have a multi-structural approach therefore soft tissue massage and/or myofascial release will be done before adjusting, stretching and mobilising other joints and areas. The aim of this type of care is to reduce pain as well as improving both local and global function of the body.

This may result in reduced stiffness, improved movement quality, better muscle tone etc. We are more hands on than some other therapists and spend a long time working on improving your comfort and function. Adjustments are a quick, low-force stretching movement applied at a joint to reduce pain locally and improve range of movement.

At the end of a session, we will recheck all our initial assessments to see the change in how you move and how you feel before providing recommendations of how to look after yourself before your next visit.

When to see a chiropractor

Chiropractors are a great option for most musculoskeletal complaints. We have 5 years of university education in musculoskeletal anatomy, diagnosis and treatment options.

Many of us have also qualified in additional treatment modalities or populations such as dry needling, myofascial release techniques and taping, paediatrics and pregnancy to name a few.

Some individuals come to see us for help with a specific injury in particular lower back pain, bulging discs, neck pain or headaches. Others come for maintenance care which can be highly effective in maintaining reduced symptoms related to ongoing conditions such as osteoarthritis, intervertebral disc pathologies, scoliosis or cervicogenic headaches. This is where you have chiropractic treatment regularly but less frequently e.g. monthly or every 6 weeks, to maintain your symptom free lifestyle.

This helps people to move both well and comfortably. It’s the same as taking your car for a service rather than waiting for it to break down, or mowing your lawn every week instead of only when the grass has grown out of control!

Chiropractic benefits

Many people believe that regular chiropractic care enables them to live a higher quality life through improved mobility, decreased stiffness and pain. The knock on effect of this is that happier bodies move more often and through bigger ranges which in turn creates improved strength, balance and fitness.

Another benefit of coming to Metro Chiropractic Clinic is that we pride ourselves on educating and empowering individuals to make better choices with their bodies. During your treatment with us, you are most likely going to learn about your body along the way, how to help your body recover, self-management options e.g. exercises and pain relief techniques as well as being armed with home exercises to prevent aches and pains returning.

Benefits of a chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractic adjustments have both local and global effects. The joint being adjusted itself becomes more mobile and the muscles attached into the immediate area lengthen which can create decreased stiffness and reduced pain. It has also been recently proposed that a global neural effect of an adjustment changes how the brain modulates and inhibits pain which could be highly beneficial in people with chronic or recurring pain.

Commonly helped conditions

Chiropractors can help with many conditions such as lower back pain including sciatica and disc bulges. Neck pain, stiffness, postural issues, pain related to pregnancy and scoliosis are also all common causes for a visit to our clinic!

Additionally we see peripheral joint complaints such as knee and ankle injuries and overuse injuries to elbows and shoulders.

So, why choose Metro Chiro?

Why choose us? Get MORE from your health care team.

  • Enjoy longer consultations – each consultation is for a full 30 minutes
  • Years of experience with highly trained practitioners
  • Our patients love our style of care and travel to us from across Sydney for their adjustments, massage/soft tissue, dry needling, stretching and traction
  • Highly rated on Google with positive patient reviews
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