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Meet Dr Aurelie Gauthier (Chiropractor)

Dr Gauthier is a lifelong player, coach and advocate of the game of soccer. When an injury threatened to end her soccer career at an early age, it was chiropractic that put her back in the game.

Discovering Relief Through Chiropractic

Dr Aurelie GauthierAs a young girl, Dr Gauthier suffered an injury to her neck when she accidentally fell into a pool. The injury caused her to have serious headaches. The pain was often so severe that she was unable to attend school or play sports. Despite seeing many doctors, no one was able to determine the exact cause of the problem or help alleviate her pain. That is until she visited a chiropractor.

After just her first few visits to the chiropractor, the headaches went away. Her phenomenal results, coupled with her passion for helping people and her interest in learning about the body, were enough to spark in her an interest in chiropractic as a career.

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Helping Others Achieve Great Results

Dr Gauthier graduated from Macquarie University with her Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Master of Chiropractic degrees. She began her career while still in school, serving as a chiropractic assistant. After graduation, she remained on with the practice as a chiropractor for three years before taking over Metro Chiropractic Clinic.

Dr Gauthier genuinely loves helping people and seeing the great results that chiropractic can create for them. She enjoys sparking a passion within her patients to be more empowered about their health, rather than simply reacting to pain.

Outside the office, Dr Gauthier embodies the good health that she tries to impart to her patients. She enjoys running and going to the gym. She also remains involved with her first love — soccer.

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