Let’s discuss the different chiropractic techniques we use in clinic

While all chiropractors initially go through the same master’s degree programme, there are many variations in adjustment styles and techniques that can additionally be studied.

The purpose of an adjustment is to deliver a localised stretch to a joint. This creates a neurological response between the brain and the area being adjusted after which we can see an increase in the range of movement and function of a joint.

Having a range of skills is important for a chiropractor as not all adjustment techniques may be appropriate to the person sat in front of you.

For some people in acute pain, we don’t want to apply any additional pressure to an area.

Others may have a condition that means a particular treatment protocol is contraindicated. Some people simply do not like the cracking noises which is enough grounds to provide alternative options to achieve the same result.

Read on as we discuss the most common chiropractic techniques below.

Gonstead technique

Some techniques such as Gonstead and Diversified adjustments can create popping and cracking noises within a joint through a quick localised stretch. A joint is passively moved into a comfortably stretched position to create negative pressure inside the joint capsule.

When a chiropractor pushes slightly beyond this, dissolved gases within the joint pop making the sound you hear. The result is an increase in range of movement possible at that joint and potentially a decrease in symptoms such as pain and stiffness.

Activator technique

An activator is a handheld spring based adjusting instrument. This can be used on muscles and joints to create a stretch reflex in a tissue and a resultant decrease in tissue tone and tightness.

We use the tip of the activator to deliver a precise low force impulse into a tight joint or muscle. This technique is often used in patients who have lower bone density, severe arthritis or those who prefer a lower force adjustment.

Soft tissue

Soft tissue work describes a range of techniques focusing on improving the function of connective tissue structures such as muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.

Massage, stretching and active release techniques are some of the most common methods of soft tissue work that we use at Metro Chiropractic Clinic and by providing a comprehensive multi-structural treatment approach, we believe the outcome of treatment is enhanced.

Dry needling

Dry needling is a specific soft tissue release technique where fine, single-use needles are placed in bands of tight muscle to stimulate a pain reduction response in the local neuromusculoskeletal tissues. Needles will be inserted along the muscle fibres and left for a period of time to elicit a pain gating mechanism.

Benefits of dry needling include reduction in pain, improved blood flow as well as decreased pain and inflammatory hormone production.

At Metro Chiropractic Clinic we may use dry needling simply for muscle tightness however it can also be used for the following conditions:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • cervicogenic headaches
  • low back pain, and
  • myofascial pain syndromes.

Myofascial cupping

Myofascial cupping uses rubber cups to glide over the skin lifting and decompressing the structures beneath. This negative ‘tensional’ pressure can help to reduce local tissue tension and discomfort, promotes local blood supply, improves fascial function and improves neurological communication between the brain and area being worked on.

Different adjusting techniques/styles

What is important is that you as a patient, feel comfortable through an adjustment.

At Metro Chiropractic Clinic, we assess your range of movement at each visit to identify areas causing limitations through pain and loss of function and pride ourselves on explaining the purpose of the techniques we select to provide you with the best level of care.

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