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With an advancing pregnancy, many changes will occur within your body as you adapt to support your growing baby and prepare for the birthing process. During this time, stresses and strains can appear through different areas but particularly your lower back and pelvis.

Your growing bump and breasts mean that you carry more weight to the front of your body making your muscles work a lot harder to keep your posture upright. You may find that you lean in a particular direction, that your shoulders and upper back are more rounded or your head comes forward over your body. The curve in your lower back also increases due to the weight of your abdomen which can put pressure on the small joints of your lumbar spine. Constant compression can cause these to become sensitive and in some cases, may also affect the sciatic nerve and produce leg pain. Your abdominal muscles become stretched decreasing your core strength and stability which affects your balance and ability to change position or complete certain tasks. Towards the end of your pregnancy, your ligaments particularly in your pelvis become more elastic. This can cause some instability through this region particularly if it occurs unevenly, placing more pressure on some structures than others.

An average of 60% of women report having had a version of low back pain while pregnant. In over 60% of cases, this is self-limiting therefore resolves naturally with the birth of your child. However, for some individuals, pain can persist and up to 40% of these individuals are still experiencing symptoms 18 months after delivery.

Lower back pain has two common origins during pregnancy, either relating to the lower spinal vertebrae or the pelvis. In a small number of cases it is possible that both may be occurring simultaneously. It is important for us to differentiate between the two as management and prognosis differ.

Evidence suggests that Chiropractic treatment is a safe and effective method of treatment for common musculoskeletal issues in the pregnant population. Our Chiropractors will assess you thoroughly to establish the origin of the pain. Our objective is to improve the function of the pelvis and keep you as comfortable as possible until the arrival of your little one. As your bump grows, some treatment techniques become less suitable however we will always treat you safely and according to your comfort.



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