Diagnostic Imaging


Spinal x-rays – what are they? Your spine is made up of three areas which all have a unique role in the function and structure of your back. These are your neck (cervical spine), upper back and ribcage (thoracic spine) and your lower back (lumbar spine). Spinal x-rays are pictures created by electromagnetic energy beams [...]

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How does chiropractic work


Your guide to chiropractic care What is chiropractic? Chiropractic care is a regulated manual allied health profession with university qualified practitioners who treat musculoskeletal and neurological complaints which may be causing you a variety of unwelcome symptoms. What does a chiropractor do? There are variations in how different chiropractors treat the body. At Metro Chiropractic [...]

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Different chiropractic techniques


Let’s discuss the different chiropractic techniques we use in clinic While all chiropractors initially go through the same master’s degree programme, there are many variations in adjustment styles and techniques that can additionally be studied. The purpose of an adjustment is to deliver a localised stretch to a joint. This creates a neurological response between [...]

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